Promises & Partials


As a full-stack JavaScript engineer, I work on a happy mix of both back-end and front-end projects.

On the front-end side of the stack, I write my fair share of AJAX calls. That is, getting and setting data from back-end services. Among the many different tools to accomplish this, I find using promises & partials to be very useful.

The functional pattern of getting XHR data with promises and partials allows one to write code that is more immutable and reusable.

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Partial Functions in JavaScript


A partial is a function that returns a new function with one or more of it's arguments already applied.

Reusable code is very important. In any application, having smaller, more immutable functions can be very helpful for the same operations that may need to take place many times.

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Branching for Github Pages


GitHub repos that also have a Pages branch are getting more commonplace, and maintaining these branches can a pain in the ass.

This is a simple method of adding multiple branches to one working directory. While I am only discussing adding master and gh-pages branches, the idea can be used for any branch.

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